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Marisquería Jacinto

"The best of the sea... the fish and seafood too, accompanied by a better ham and cheese of kings. The best quality and price "-! View taken TripAdvisor...

Marisqueria JacintoJacinto is a specialists Malaga Restaurant Seafood, known among his numerous faithful customers who know that seafood and fish at this day, are always of the highest quality.

Besides Seafood, Jacinto offers other products that are held by its clients, highlighting the Cantabrian anchovies, Ibérico Ham and Goat Suckling Malagueño, here is cooked with true mastery, both fried in garlic, as if is grilled chops.

Jacinto joins the quality of their products a familiar, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, without forgetting the excellent service and a careful and thoughtful Marisqueria Jacintocustomer service, complemented with good quality - price.

For good service and quality care and always brought her selection of products where is the best, Jacinto has opened a significant gap, deservedly, among the Best Restaurants in Malaga. Should therefore be viewed

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